Boat Club Rules 

  1. A Member must be twenty-one (21) years of age and have signed the Boat Club Agreement to participate in Boat Club activities.
  2. Members must have successfully completed the New Member Orientation and passed boat handling training prior to being allowed to reserve or operate Passage Nautical vessels.
  3. Boats available for Boat Club
    1. Fleet boat availability is based on membership structure/level of Cruise or Sport Fleet and number of boating days.
  4. Reservations
    1. Reservations are made on the on-line booking system
    2. Member can have 4 reservations outstanding at any given time:
      • Two (2) weekend days
      • One (1) holiday
      • Any number of weekdays up to 4

  5. Cancellation:
    1. Cancellations should be made as soon as you are aware of the conflict, preferably 24 hours in advance. This allows last minute reservations by other club members.
  6. Fees:
    1. Fuel charges – Members are responsible for gas consumed during a reservation. Passage Nautical shall provide full gas tanks in all boats prior to a reservation. Fill up the fuel tanks after your usage before returning to the dock. If the fuel tanks are not refilled, Passage Nautical will fill the tanks and bill for the fuel cost plus a $65 service fee.
    2. Loss or Damage charges: if you damage the boat while it is under your care, you will be responsible for the repair up to the insurance deductible.
    3. Members are required to check-in their vessel in clean and orderly condition without any trash or personal items left behind. Members are also personally responsible to clean the toilet on the boat prior to check-in.
    4. Passage Nautical will charge an hourly fee of $45.00 for any cleaning services required on any boat after Member check-in where boat is left unclean.  
    5. Towing charges will be billed for abandoned boats.
    6. There will be a late fee penalty of $25 assessed on any dues, fees or billings more than 30 days old.
    7. Members are responsible for their own physical health condition before boarding or operating a Boat Club vessel.
    8. You are required to subscribe to an on-the-water assistance/towing service. Preferred service providers will be recommended.
    9. Boats will have basic consumable items of paper towels and toilet paper and legally required emergency equipment. Any other consumable item, including food, beverages, paper plates and other disposable items are the responsibility of Members during their reservations. Members are also encouraged to have their own personal flotation devices in addition to the Boat Club provided emergency equipment.
    10. Vessel Check-In/Check-Out Forms: Members are required to complete both these forms before and after each reservation, including recording any maintenance or other issues with the vessel used.
    11. Navigational Limits: Member shall not navigate Boat Club vessels beyond the San Francisco Bay and approved limits thereto during any reservation.
    12. Passage Nautical reserves the right to cancel any Member’s reservation due to adverse weather conditions. Passage Nautical will endeavor to reschedule the reservation so as to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience to Member but does not hereby guarantee any particular reservation date(s).
    13. Only Members and signatory Co-Members to the Membership Agreement may operate Boat Club vessels. Member shall not operate any Passage Nautical boat nor allow any other person to operate a Passage Nautical boat while under the influence of alcoholic beverages, drugs, or any other controlled substances under state or federal law.
      1. Violation of this Rule and the related terms of the membership Agreement will result in immediate termination of the Member’s Boat Club membership.
      2. Member shall comply with all applicable local, state, federal laws – waterway rules.
    14. Properly trained pets are not prohibited aboard Passage Nautical boats, but Members are not encouraged to bring pets on any Boat Club reservation. Members are solely responsible to clean up after their pet(s), and failure to clean up after a pet will result in an indefinite ban on that Member’s pets aboard Passage Nautical vessels.
      1. Passage Nautical is not responsible for any injury to any pet brought to the marina or on board any Boat Club vessel. Passage Nautical is not responsible for any injury or damages to any person as a result of Member’s pet’s conduct while in the marina or aboard a Boat Club vessel.
    15. All payments by Member to Boat Club are non-refundable (including initial membership fees).