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Discover a world where adventure meets wellness with our Nautical Access Boating Club. If you're looking to escape the stress and hustle of everyday city life and add more fun, wellness, and serenity to your life, you've found the perfect boating club!

At Nautical Access, we see boating as more than just a pastime; it's a rejuvenating experience with long-term positive impacts on your physical, mental, and emotional health. In fact, research has shown that time spent on the water can reduce stress and anxiety, elevate happiness, and even lower heart and breathing rates.

With our fleet of high-quality powerboats, ranging from 26' to 29', you'll experience the thrill of adventure without sacrificing comfort or safety. But wait, there's more!

Let go of your worries and boat like an owner without the responsibilities of traditional ownership. When you join our club, we handle all the stressful and tedious tasks like maintenance, cleaning, repairs, monthly berthing, boat servicing, and more with your initiation fee. Our turnkey boats offer you the luxury of time, adventure, and relaxation. Say goodbye to stress and hello to more time and peaceful bliss exploring the stunning San Francisco Bay!


  • Choose From Two Fleets: Our Elite Fleet or Express Fleet
  • Three Membership Plans: Choose your membership plan based on the number of days you want to boat per year.
  • Low Monthly Membership Fee: Our affordable monthly membership fee (wellness perks included) is equivalent to treating yourself to a spa day or two monthly dinner dates!
  • Private Lessons Are Included With Your Membership
  • Ability to enjoy the boating lifestyle on the San Francisco Bay and the wellness benefits of the water without the high costs of boat ownership.

When you join our club you can take advantage of these perks and so much more…you only cover your initiation and monthly dues. Plus, with 34 years of expertise and a dedication to customer satisfaction, coupled with open communication, you can trust us to make every moment on the water unforgettable. Join Nautical Access today and embark on a journey to endless adventure, wellness, and tranquility for you, your friends, and your family!



Private Lessons Included

Whether you're new to boating or looking to brush up on your skills, our Licensed Captains are here to guide you every step of the way and at your own pace, so you can embark on your new boating lifestyle with confidence. Private lessons are included with your membership. We'll train your whole family so everyone feels safe and included! 

Shared Memberships

Looking to share your membership with a friend or another household? We've got you covered! Our flexible membership options allow for shared memberships, enabling you to split your boating days and costs. Each member will have their own login to book our club boats. This is an ideal way to enjoy and make your new boating lifestyle even more affordable!

Boating Club Powerboats

Boat On Your Schedule

As a valued member, enjoy convenient access to our 24-hour online scheduling system from both your laptop and phone. Explore our member page for valuable learning resources and exclusive benefits. We make boating simple and stress-free with our seamless access to boats and same-day reservations. Plus, our dedicated service and management staff are just a text or phone call away, ensuring for open communication and that you receive 100% support throughout your boating journey.

Safe & Seaworthy Boats

Embark on your boating adventures with peace of mind and confidence aboard our club's CE-rated Beneteau Antares and Barracuda fleet, purposefully designed for open-water excursions. When conditions on the Bay turn a bit challenging, rest easy and in comfort with our stable, fast rides, fully enclosed cabins, and ocean-worthy design to help you navigate through any waters with ease.


Affordable Entry,
Endless Adventure

We believe everyone deserves a taste of the good life. Owning a boat these days is expensive. Our monthly club dues are 70% less than the cost of ownership. We have a one-time entry fee that can be paid upfront, or we offer a convenient 2-Month Initiation Fee Installment option, making the boating lifestyle more accessible than ever!


  • Low monthly membership dues.
  • Private Instruction for you and your family.
  • Shared memberships option available. 
  • 24-hour online scheduling system.
  • Overnights available.  
  • Boats are meticulously and thoroughly cleaned before and after every use. 
  • All maintenance and servicing of boats are included.
  • Boats are stocked with water and basic supplies.
  • Coast Guard-required safety gear on board at all times.
  • Pay only for the fuel you use.
  • Low member ratio.
  • One-time initiation fee. Pay over 2 months or up front and save $100.


Your membership is just a form and a phone call away. Get started by completing the Application Information. Once your information is in our system, we'll give you a welcome call to finalize all the details.

You'll receive your membership agreement to sign online. All the details of your membership are conveniently located online. It's quick and simple.  

If you prefer to speak to us directly, just give us a call and our club director will get you onboarded. 

Your orientation and lessons schedules follow. We know you want to get on the water as quickly as possible so our lesson modules are set up for your convenience. 


Obadiah O.

Nautical Access Club Member

“I joined the boating club because I wanted to get on the water outside of sailing and not have the additional responsibilities of the boat beyond taking it out. 

The instructor was great and he was able to custom fit to my level of experience. I enjoy the ability to get on the bay easily almost anytime and the access to boats has been great. 
Sam has been awesome to work with! I’m really enjoying the club. It’s a totally awesome way to get on the water and try a variety of powerboats!” 


Ali A.

Nautical Access Club Member

“I have always had a desire to explore boating and your club provided the opportunity. I’m enjoying the earlier training as well as set up and the online app makes it easy to reserve the boat. 

The instructors were great! They were easy to work with and learn from. 
I am happy with the program so far. I have already taken a couple of family friends who are interested in boating to give them the first-hand experience if they would like to join.
 The boats have also been clean and reservation has been organized. Thank you!”



Join our Nautical Access Boating Club now!