Your safety is our #1 priority! We want you to feel 100% safe and comfortable while on the San Francisco Bay. As a member, you will be provided with training to be a skipper onboard our fleet. To ensure your recreational time with us is trouble-free, your Boating Club membership includes:

  • Instruction and boat training on all our fleet boats.
  • U.S. Coast Guard vessel safety checks on all our boats.
  • Coast Guard-required safety gear on board at all times & high quality.
  • On-board walk-through of equipment, electronics, and safety points.
  • All maintenance and servicing on fleet boats are included in the membership - no extra fees. You pay only for your fuel use.

If you want additional training beyond our initial training included with your membership, our certified instructors can provide private, individual hands-on instruction on the water at low member rates. Our professional staff will make sure you are 100% comfortable with all the fleet boats and feel good operating any of our boats solo.