We'd love to help you create a special day for your company or group.  

Tell us what kind of experience you want to create, and we are on it!

Dive into an unparalleled adventure and let us design your perfect day for your corporate team or group.  Enjoy a day where your teams meet to explore all the benefits of mindfulness and boating or explore their creative spirits with Wild Painting. 

Every event is meticulously tailored to your specific goals and needs.  Our carefully crafted activities not only provide a platform for relaxation and immersion but also foster team bonding in a way that's unique and memorable. From the serene waters to the canvas, every detail is curated to cater to your special requests, ensuring an experience that’s as enriching as it is relaxing. Let us guide your team through a journey of rejuvenation and creative exploration, setting the stage for an event that’s not just an escape but a transformational experience.